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The Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Source : TechRepublic

One of the world’s best smartphone company Samsung launched their latest model Samsung Galaxy Note 9 few day’s back. The company also provided certain features for the S pen as well.

By using Dex App and connecting to a monitor will help to use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a computer. The price for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128 GB is QAR 3599 and 512 GB is QAR 4549. Let us now take a deep look at the significant features that attracts a customer towards Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

S Pen

Source : Android Authority 

The significant feature of Note 9 is the S Pen itself. In the previous models it was just a smart style. Before the S Pen was used to write and change notes. But now the S Pen comes with Bluetooth and built in battery. Can control the phone using the pen from 30m distance. With the help of the pen can take creative camera shots. The pen can be used to change videos on you tube or to control your power point slides during presentation.


The Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Source : www.ign.com

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in the highest variant 512 GB and 8 GB RAM. It is also available in 128 GB 6 GB RAM variant.
The significant feature is that it has 512 GB and plus you can add up to 512 GB memory card which makes it 1 TB. The all new Samsung Galaxy note 9 provides similar kind of features as an PC.


Samsung Galaxy note 9

Source : ExtremeTech

The Samsung Galaxy note 9 runs on 4000 mAh battery. The company states that the battery is completely safe.  The all new Note 9 passed the 8 point battery safety check.

Liquid Carbon Cooling

As one of the previous Note model had battery issues. They came up with this idea to handle huge loads because of the internal storage. With the help of liquid cooling it can solve the issue of the phone getting hot. It will also provide the gamer with a better gaming experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9




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