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The All New Android P by Google is Here

Android p

Credits: Android Central

Well, Google did something totally different this year with their OS Android. We all are addicted to our smartphones, isn’t it?.

The feature is one of several that Google is combining into a theme it calls “Digital Well Being.” Presumably, it didn’t want to borrow “Time well spent,” the buzzy catchphrase popularized by ex-Google “design ethicist” Tristan Harris and adopted (or better: co-opted) by Mark Zuckerberg.

Google did not announce anything about the “p” , for what it stands for. Previous year it was all about the internal updates, where as Android P concentrates more on user features. As per the reviews, and sneak peaks Android P is considered to the biggest update ever released for all Android smartphones.

Android P

Credits: TheVerge

Gesture Navigation

The Android P borrowed the gestures for navigation from Apple’s iPhone X.

Android P

Credit: theguardian

Android P Supports Notch Display

The Notch display is getting wide spread, Lot of smartphones are entering the market with the notch display, For example Huawei P20 pro. The Android P will provide full support for the notch displays.

Time Shifted to Left

If you have noticed on all Android Phones the time used to be displayed with all the signals on the right side. But now the time will be displayed on the left and all the signals will be present on the right.

AI Predictions

Google uses machine learning to predict what the user wants to do next. Android P will learn about the task performed by the user and predict about which app the user wants to use next.
AI also lets the user to set automated messages to provide reply for notifications. Which allows the user to skip a lot of less important notifications.

Better Battery

The Android P helps the user to increase battery life of their smartphones. The AI learns the user paths and directs power to only those apps used by the user. Also allows to categorize to App standby, Which allows to separate the apps you use frequently and those which are installed but does not use much.

Automated Brightness

The AI set by Google learns the users manual brightness adjustments and adjusts to the best brightness settings suited for the user.

Its time to heal Smartphone Addiction

The new Android P helps us to reduce the usage of phones.i.e, the Android P will help the users to know how long we are using the app, How many times we repeatedly open the app and when.This is for each and every app present in the phone. The New update allows the users to set limits , For instance, we can set 30 minutes for Instagram per day and when the 30 minutes are done the icon changes from the normal view to a dull icon.

Android P

Credits: theguardian

Hey Qatar , Do not forget to watch the full sneak peak of Android P by TheVerge


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