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OnePlus 6, The Wait is Almost Over

Here is everything we know about the all new OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6

Oneplus 6 will be launched on May 16 in London. Which means that the product will be available in Qatar after a month. OnePlus have released a number of teasers to give an idea about the all new OnePlus 6 to the clients. Which give us a slight idea about the all new OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 launch event invitationĀ 

The leaks about OnePlus 6 shows that an Android phone with high speed and the all new notch design. The OnePlus 5t is currently trending among the people in Qatar. Oneplus 6 is going to be an massive gaming device with full screen display allowing the gamer’s to get a better gaming experience.

OnePlus 6

Credit: ITHome

The OnePlus guarantees to make it better. The OnePlus 5t was one of the best phones in 2017. OnePlus 6 does not want to stand behind, so they decided to release OnePlus 6 with the trending notch display and advanced camera.

Oneplus 6

Credit: TheVerge

As per the leaks the expected price will be higher than $749, in QAR 2727.11. The price is not yet confirmed. We all can wait until the launch event on May 16. Oneplus 6 will be charged higher than OnePlus 5T and the leaks mentions that the OnePlus 6 price will the highest price charged by OnePlus compared to their previous products. Another rumor we heard is that the OnePlus 6 is going to be water resistant. And an Avengers : Infinity War edition for the fans.

To get a sneak peak watch the video to get a slight idea about the new OnePlus 6. This is an official video released by OnePlus. Even though the phone is highly pix-elated in the video, we can get a sneak peak at the smartphone.





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