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Now here it is , Android Smartwatches by Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani’s Android Smartwatch Available For Pre Order

The price range of Emporio Armani’s smart watches are same as the Apple Watches. But if you compare Samsung and Apple smart watches with Emporio Armani’s , Tech wise Emporio Armani wont be that good. It is considered to be a luxury designed fit bit product , They mainly concentrate on the health and exercise which can be viewed by installing the Armani app on Android and iOS. The thing people need to know is that Armani is all about the design and style it will look more like an analog watch.

The company announced that they will be launching a lot of different watches with touch screens. they will use snap dragon 2100 chip and a 1.19 inch display. They loo luxury but it has the simple features like heart tracking, google assistant, water resistance , fitness tracking and GPS.

Emporio Armani's Smartwatch

Source : armani.com

And for your information the products are available for pre order on the Armani website. And to the best part , the cost is between $295 and $395, so when we convert it to Qatar Riyals it becomes 1074.10 and 1438.19 QAR. Which is around the same price as Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3. They are available in two different shades of Black, Blue , Rose gold and silver.

Emporio Armani's Smartwatch

Source : armani.com




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