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Make Money Working Home in Qatar


People are looking different way to earn money and many people are earning with their Skills, Education, Etc. Here I am going to write some of the methods that can be used by both skilled and nonskilled people who looking to earn extra money in Qatar.

By Selling Products Online:

Par time Income in Qatar

In Qatar, the trend of online shopping is getting high and high every day.

So what you are thinking that “I don’t know how to build website right“? If you are not a developer, you don’t have to worry. Go and create a Facebook Page or Instagram Page, It will help you to showcase your products and sell products through it.

The next question comes in your mind is, “I don’t have any Likes or Followers on the Facebook Page that I created” Right? There is a solution for this problem. All you want to do, Join Facebook Groups which related to Qatar or Online Shopping and share your product details to those group. I am sure you will have 80% of chance to get sales for the product.

So what about Instagram? In Instagram too you can do the same thing. Just follow the people who lives in Qatar. follow at least 20, 30 people per day in Qatar and they will follow you back. Make some followers through this way and after a limit reach, start promoting your contents.

By Writing Blog Posts:

extra income jobs in qatar

This topic is something that related to what I am doing right now. I am writing blog posts that are interested to the people who love to make extra money from their home in Qatar. By using the same way, you can make money. Write something that you might interest to write and other loves to read.

For doing this, You can choose blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, Etc.

Write some articles. I think you must write at least 10 articles with a minimum paragraph of 300. After doing this apply to Adsense Program of Google. Google Adsense will show up ads on your blog and by doing this, You can make some extra dollars.

By Creating Videos:


Do you have a Camera or a good Smartphone that support high-quality video recording capability? If then, create some awesome videos like Product Reviewing, Cooking, Designing, Etc. In case of Me, I am doing both the above steps such as Video Publishing and Blog Writing.

Like what I explained about the blog writing, Upload the videos to Youtube. You have to upload at least 10 to 20 videos. After that, Apply to Youtube Partnership Program. Through this way, You can make some extra money while people watching the videos that you uploaded to Youtube.

By Doing Affiliate Marketing:

earn money in qatar part time

I hope you don’t have any product to sell via online. If you don’t have then, don’t worry. There is a lot of online shopping site which provides you affiliate links of their products.

Register to their affiliate service and copy the links and share them with your Facebook, Groups, Blogs, Etc. By doing this, You can earn a percentage of their product profit. Lots of people doing this service in Qatar and other middle east countries.


Thank you for reading this article. Please let us know your valuable feedback and suggestions by using the comment box given below.


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