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iPhone X and SE Production Soon Be Stopped

iphone X and SE production soon to be stopped

According to the new blog published by GSMarena, iPhone X and iPhone SE production might be stopped to concentrate on the
new phones to be launched by Apple this year. They are planning to completely stop iPhone and SE.

As per the analysts, Apple achieved its predetermined target for this year and they will be aiming to achieve their 2019 traget which will be 1 Million more than the previous year. The number of people using iPhone’s are increasing, They are aiming to achieve a minimum of 40 million units by the quarter of the year itself.

Apple is planning to launch 3 phones by the end of this year. And the best part is that , there will be a budget iPhone as well. So lets wait and see whether its going to be budget phone or not. They are also planning to launch Plus sized iPhone X, with an assumption that it will be the most sold product. Which will help them to achieve their target as per their plan.





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