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Huawei Nova 3e Budget Substitute for iPhone X

Take a deeper look at Iphone X from all angles.
iPhone X
Now, Take a look at Huawei Nova 3e.
Huawei nova 3e

Huawei is playing smart now, am i right?. The main aim of Huawei is to provide better looking phones with decent specs at reasonable price or quarter of other high end phones. On the other hand, Huawei did borrow some details from the trending phone by Apple, iPhone X. The main borrowed element is the notch of iPhone X.


iphone X
Huawei Nova 3e

Huawei Nova 3e is also called Huawei P20 Lite. In Qatar, it is called Huawei Nova 3e. The difference in Huawei Nova 3e and Huawei P20 Lite is the Memory and secondary camera. Huawei P20 lite is available in 64 / 4 GB Ram and 16 MP. Where as , Nova 3e is available in 32/ 64, even 128 GB ( only in China) and 24 MP.
Huawei is now focusing on the glossy look and high end camera at reasonable price. Nova 3e has 16/ 2 MP dual lens. Under Better lighting , Nova 3e snaps provide sharp details. Just like iPhone’s live photo , Nova 3e can take snaps before touching the
shutter. Which results in GIF or animated shot. Huawei Nova 3e is now a trend among the common people and teenagers in Qatar.
Huawei is now trending in Qatar. As it is the cheap and best substitute for iPhone X. Available in Black , Blue, Gold and Rose Gold Colors.People who cannot afford to buy iPhone X are moving towards Huawei Nova 3e. Due to which Huawei Nova 3e is trending budget phone in Qatar according to our website analytics.


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