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How To Recognize a Phony(Fake) iPhone X?

iPhone X

iPhone X is one of the most highly demanded Apple phone among the people in Qatar and we are sure that there might be clones or fakes out there in the market. In this post we will share everything we know to recognize whether the iPhone X you spot are clones or original. One thing you need to keep in mind is that,iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphone available in the Qatar market and do not get tricked by all those cheap iPhone X Facebook shares your see in groups. Read our complete article to stay safe and save your money.

To identify whether an iPhone X is original or duplicate it is a real deal. The creators are trying their best to make the finest clones as possible. So to overcome this situation it is very important to focus on even the tiny details. Apple is extremely careful about their quality and unique design which most of the clones can’t duplicate. For your information, there are no unlimited list of things to take note of. So, use your common sense when you want to purchase an iPhone X.

Things to Watch out for :

1.Packaging –Take a deep look at the packaging mainly whether it is sealed and pay special attention to anything that attracts your eyes for instance, poor packaging,dirt inside the seal, poorly printed texts and pictures on the iPhone X package or even any creepy wordings. Watch out for bubbles and foams inside of the package as well.

iphone X

Credits : Christian Zibreg

iphone X

Credits : CNET

2.Package contents-You need to have a clear cut idea about the accessories available with the all new iPhone X. Make sure that you receive new accessories along with the iPhone X, if you receive any accessories which are old or things that shouldn’t be packed with iPhone X then you can ensure that the product you spotted is a complete clone of iPhone X. Take note of the colors available globally. Clones tend to be in unofficial colors and designs.

3.Display-We all are clear about the fact that the iPhone X display is edge to edge and take a deep look at the notch. Beware of software generated notches that will look more convincing for the customers.

4.Android Theme-The OS present in most of the iPhone X clones are Android. All you see when you switch on the phone is the theme designed to look exactly like IOS. Try to restart the phone and while booting you can easily find out whether it is Android or not.

6. Performance-All the information you see in the settings of a fake iPhone X are all manipulated. iPhone X clones are laggy if compared with the originals especially when the device is new.

Watch the video by EverythingApplePro, This is for all those who thinks that there are no iPhone X clones out there in the Market


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