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Google is Going to Charge For Android

Google is Going to Charge For Android

Source : PCMag.com

Almost all the smartphones in the world used android operating system. It is considered to be the worlds best operating system with the best features. Android operating system became famous due to the features available for the users, makers and for developers as well.

Google is Going to Charge For Android

Source : Architonic

What Will Happen If Suddenly We have To Pay For Android?

Android is open source, That is also considered to be a significant feature that made android os famous among the users.Imagine if Google suddenly charge for android? We cannot just simply ignore this. Recently a lot of things are happening in the tech world which can lead Google to make Android a premium source.

The Person Behind it

You might be aware of the news that, the European Union charged a fine of 5 billion Dollar on Google. For the first time in the world a company has been charged such a huge fine.

Google is Going to Charge For Android

Source : Vanity Fair

Trump Stood Against The European Union.

A lot of important people stood against European union regarding this matter. Trump mentioned that, Collected a lot of information from America and Used American companies for their benefit and after that they charged a huge fine.

Google is Going to Charge For Android

Source : Livemint

What Google Head Want to Say

Moreover, Google head Sundar Pichai also came into the scene.He said that , if the smartphone manufacturers and network operators did not add their apps to their products , it will affect the their companies to a large extend.

Cannot Just Easily Push Away This Matter

Even though the company did not mention anything about this. There can be possibilities that they are going to charge. If these kind of situations haunt them again why do they have to provide such a better service to the people and help the smartphone manufacturers and network operators.


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