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Drinking iPhone X Juice , YouTube Viral Video

Iphone X Juice

We have seen a lot of people uploading different videos and trying to build records. Such videos always go viral on social media.  But this video is totally different from all other videos on you tube. We might have not even though about such a thing. Drinking iPhone X Juice? !

Almost QAR 4500 iPhone X

This person made juice out of QAR 4500 iPhone X. And the video is totally viral now. Famous people are discussing about this video in social media . You can watch the video below.

iPhone X is considered to be one of the expensive phone in Qatar. Since the phone is very famous, this kind of videos has the chances to go viral. The funny part is that, he made juice out of the iPhone X and tried to taste it as well.

Now its time to watch the video :




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